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Our history

Primo logo Eugenia Amaretti

Eugenia was born in 1986 by ability of the inventor of soft fruit amaretti, inspired by his own doughter who loved these little sweets, which she often took secretly, just as depicted in the historic brand.

In addition to the renowned soft almond-based biscuits, many other specialties were born from his imagination that combine dried fruit and chocolate, mixing selected raw materials that are skilfully processed with artisanal methods.

Nuovo logo Eugenia Amaretti

In 2010 Eugenia brought the production of her Amaretti to Casale Monferrato, where, in the hands of a young family, the brand continues to be synonymous of quality and goodness.

In addition to maintaining the original recipes of its products, Eugenia creates new proposals born from a creative study with an eye always turned to the tradition and territoriality of its raw materials.

Today Eugenia continues to grow and renew itself, as evidenced by the new brand, making its specialties known all over the world.

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